Men's Oakwood Golf Association of Sun Lakes, AZ

 Policy for Sign-Up, Add/Cancel, No-Show & Unregistered Players

(MOGA Board Policy, 1 December 2015)

The rules for signing up for a tournament, how one adds/cancels a reservation, what happen to no shows and the status of players who played on that date but were not registered needs to be clarified.  The following are the simplified procedures.


MOGA members are required to use the Chelsea system to register for an event.  This can be accomplished using the online Chelsea reservation system , or the reservation PC at the Pro Shop.  A MOGA member can register for an event two weeks in advance.  If you are unsure of your status to play on the event date, we suggest that you register and cancel if necessary.  The Chelsea deadline for sign-ups is 12:00 PM (noon) on Sunday. 


A player can add/cancel his reservation by using the Chelsea system before noon on Sunday or by calling the add/cancel line 480-317-3650 #1 by 8:00 AM Tuesday.  Please state the event (AM or PM) you wish to add/cancel.

A player can call the Pro Shop to cancel his participation anytime after Tuesday 8:00 AM and before thirty minutes prior to the event.  Using the above the player will not incur any penalty.



A player, who has registered for an event but fails to show up, will not be eligible to play the next tournament.  The MOGA President will make the determination if a player had an acceptable reason for not showing up.  The no show player will be notified that he will be ineligible to play in the next tournament.


Unregistered players will not be eligible to participate in the MOGA event.  These players can play golf on a vacant hole available basis, but are not part of the tournament.  The Pro Shop will determine hole availability.  The term stand-by player is no longer in effect.

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